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China: Live seafood cross-border e-commerce

In Dalian Dayaowan customs cross-border e-commerce warehouse, customs staff are inspecting incoming goods. Photo by our reporter Su Dapeng.


On the fifteenth day of the first lunar month of this year, many imported seafoods are particularly eye-catching on the dining table of Bai Jie’s family in Dalian. Today, with the rise of cross-border e-commerce, various overseas commodities “fly into ordinary people’s homes”. Bai Jie, a member of “Hai Tao”, often buys seafood products from cross-border e-commerce platforms. Recently, Bai Jie found that the delivery speed of shopping from cross-border e-commerce is comparable to that of domestic online shopping. “With a touch of your finger, imported seafood can be delivered to your home the next day.” Bai Jie said.


Why can buying overseas products be as “zero-day” as domestic online shopping? The reporter learned that, in order to make cross-border online shopping more convenient, my country’s customs has launched a “bonded stocking” service model. Cross-border e-commerce companies can store overseas imported goods in the customs comprehensive bonded area. Shorten the time limit for cross-border online shopping, allowing consumers to experience the “zero-day difference” of cross-border shopping.


On the morning of February 22, the reporter saw a lively scene in the cross-border warehouse of Miaoxian Dalian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. located in Dayaowan Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Dalian: the sound of order printing was endless, and workers were busy shuttling between the shelves. , order confirmation, customs clearance and tax payment, packing boxes… The entire process from online shopping to delivery is less than 30 minutes.


“After our live products are directly harvested by fishing boats overseas, they are put into the seafood temporary storage pool in the cross-border e-commerce warehouse for bonded temporary storage after entering the country via air transport. After consumers place an order on the platform, the goods will be shipped directly from domestic The delivery time from the bonded warehouse is the same as that of domestic online shopping.” said Qi Ouya, head of the cross-border warehouse of Miaoxian Dalian E-Commerce Co., Ltd.


In recent years, in order to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce import and export business and meet consumers’ demand for high-quality imported goods, the General Administration of Customs has launched a cross-border e-commerce online shopping bonded import model, also known as the bonded stocking model. “Compared with general trade imports, in the bonded stocking model, enterprises store overseas imported goods in the public warehouse for cross-border e-commerce bonded stocking in the comprehensive bond area, sell one item, clear one item, and pay tax.” Dalian Su Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Dayaowan Customs Bonded Supervision Office, which is affiliated with the customs, introduced.

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