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Pre-fabricated, or processed, seafoods are China’s fastest growing seafood category and a hot topic at the 2022 China Aquatic Products Conference in Xiamen last week. Convenience, consistency, and safety are key attributes for consumers. Read more here (Chinese).


For more on China’s processed seafood sector, see this article from Catering 020 (Chinese). reported on the popularity of pre-packaged seafood during this year’s ‘Singles Day’ online shopping festival in China here (subscription may be required).


See also this detailed report (Chinese) on development of the processed food market more generally. (Note that the generic term for processed/pre-prepared food is translated as ‘pre-fabricated vegetables’ by Google).


Asialink Business has recently published a guide for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to access opportunities in the China market. The report can be accessed online for free and contains a special section on the food and beverage market. Visit the Asialink Business website here.


Image: Catering 020

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