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Seafood Safety

Australian Seafood, It’s Safe

Australia’s comprehensive multi-tiered food safety system has enabled us to gain a well deserved reputation for producing safe food. It is something we are proud of and work hard to maintain.

The STAG has produced a series of videos to promote our excellent Seafood Safety systems and to educate the Asian supply chain about the measures we have in place to ensure that our seafood is as safe as possible when it leaves Australian shores. These videos are available in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese, as well as English. Please contact us to request a copy of the video file, it is a useful tool for training and to pass on to your customers and consumers in Asia.

Seafood Safety Fact Sheets

This SafeFish resource contains a collection of informative fact sheets for a number of food safety hazards that may affect seafood in Australia. The report is available in English for download here.

​This brochure is also available in Simplified Chinese, a useful resource for seafood importers:

Torres Strait Fisheries Exporter’s Handbook

This Handbook provides a guide for exporters of seafood products from the Torres Strait. Information and advice contained herein are intended to be a general guide only, and does not guarantee specific outcomes for all seafood exporters who use it.

Torres Strait Fisheries Exporter’s Handbook


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