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The Seafood Exporters Forum was held in Canberra in 2014 with 45 industry participants (commercial exporters and industry representative bodies) from a wide range of sectors including Abalone, SRL, WRL, Prawns, Oysters, Tuna, and Scallops and Finfish.

The Seafood Exporters Forum discussed the major trade and market access issues facing Australian seafood businesses, the work of the Seafood Trade and Advisory Group (STAG), which was recognised by all, government and industry, as a model that works.

The STAG currently comprises Abalone and Rock lobster exporters and, with funding and support from the FRDC, ACA Ltd, SRL Ltd and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, is pursuing a trade agenda that aims to improve the viability and competitiveness of those products in Asia through trade liberalisation. With the Federal Government having achieved the trifecta of trade agreements with Korea, Japan and China, the STAG attention will focus on issues that arise as those agreements come into force.

The participants at the Forum in 2014 voted to continue the STAG and to develop a business plan that detailed the strategies to do this.  This plan will be developed over the next 3 months.

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Seafood Trade Advisory Group Communications Plan

In 2016, The Seafood Trade Advisory Group was awarded a grant from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. This grant was provided as part of the Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) programme to develop communication activities designed to prevent and/or resolve emerging behind-the border trade issues relating to seafood in Asia, by developing market intelligence and avenues of communication.

This plan outlines in detail the communication activities that will be developed and extended via the STAG during the grant period and includes:

  • Target Audiences
  • Key messages for those audiences
  • Communication tools and processes to extend the messages
  • A communications timetable
  • A crisis management plan

Available here: final_seafood_trade_advisory_group_communication_plan_[2]_july_017.pdf -> No link

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