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Guangzhou market spot-check inspection

(SOURCE: China News, 16th May 2020)

In the early morning of the 16th May, the Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration joined forces with the Liwan District Market Supervision Bureau, the Liwan District Public Security Bureau Food and Drug Environmental Investigation Brigade and the Guangzhou Food Inspection Institute to inspect the largest comprehensive aquatic market in South China, the source market of Guangzhou Huangsha Aquatic Products Market, Xinfenggang Terminal Aquatic Products Market.

According to the report, the Xinfeng Port Terminal belongs to the largest aquatic products market in South China, the Huangsha Aquatic Products Wholesale Market, which is the first stop for importing aquatic products from overseas.

This special action focused on inspecting various live and chilled aquatic products in the sales stalls of the aquatic products market of Xinfeng Port. 24 batches of samples, including eight stalls such as Gomphina aequilatera, white shells, etc. 10 batches of shellfish, eight batches of shrimps such as Roche shrimp, prawns and Litopenaeus vannamei being unloaded by eight transport vehicles, and six batches of aquaculture water samples were spot-checked.

According to Yao Zisheng, deputy director of the Comprehensive Business Department of the Guangzhou Food Inspection Institute, according to national food safety standards and relevant regulations, aquatic products will be tested for malachite green, chloramphenicol, furazolidone metabolites, furancillin metabolites, enrofloxacin, oxygen Ofloxacin, pefloxacin, norfloxacin and others.

The reporter saw at the scene that while the law enforcement staff was sampling, they also checked the purchase ledger one by one, and issued on-site inspection records to the sampled objects as required to provide effective evidence for the next step of law enforcement.

“Guangzhou is a super large-scale, edible agricultural product importing city. The main varieties such as ‘meat, vegetables, fish’ are mainly supplied from outside the province. There are many varieties, large quantities, wide sources, and fast distribution of edible agricultural products. The first checkpoint is particularly important. “Wang Zhongli, the head officer of the Food Sales Safety Supervision Department of the Guangzhou Market Supervision Bureau, said that the purpose of this surprise inspection is to pay close attention to the code of conduct of aquatic product market operators, and urge operators to perform their main responsibilities while doing good aquatic product quality monitoring, strict control of production and marketing access, and effective control of hidden risks at the source of the food wholesale market.

According to the reporter, the sampling of aquatic products will give their results of inspection and judgment within 10 days. The unqualified aquatic products found in this random inspection will be traced to the source, and the results of the random inspection and investigation will be announced to the public, and the local market supervision department will be notified to foreign ports.

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