Health Certificate Update – China

Current health certificates for exports of non-viable seafood to China can continue to be used until the new format has been resolved. This situation remains unchanged.

The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) has not imposed any deadlines on finalising a new health certificate and are currently considering Australia’s COVID statement.  There is a strong and common view among many countries that a FAO/WHO attestation by government is not required.  Some countries (Chile, Ecuador) have adopted a new health certificate, but most countries are taking a similar position to Australia.

It is possible that GACC may discuss the new health certificate with the government during any forthcoming audits.

Manufacturer’s Guarantees might be used in place of a government attestation on health certificates. DAWE has provided a statement for industry to use that outlines the process in Australia for adhering to FAO and WHO guidelines.  Click here to download the guideline:


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