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New Requirements by Shanghai CIQ for Imports of Meat and Aquatic Products through CBEC 

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_fancy_title strip_tags=”true” tag_name=”h3″ size=”32″ force_font_size=”true” size_smallscreen=”30″ size_tablet=”28″ size_phone=”26″ line_height=”150″ font_weight=”bold” margin_bottom=”0″ font_family=”none” responsive_align=”left”]New Requirements by Shanghai CIQ for Imports of Meat and Aquatic Products through CBEC[/mk_fancy_title][mk_fancy_title strip_tags=”true” tag_name=”span” color=”#02aca9″ font_style=”italic” margin_bottom=”0″ font_family=”none” responsive_align=”left”]Below is a summary translation of an article from Shanghai CIQ, under China General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).[/mk_fancy_title][mk_fancy_title strip_tags=”true” tag_name=”h5″ size=”18″ line_height=”120″ font_weight=”500″ margin_bottom=”0″ font_family=”none” responsive_align=”left”]6 June 2016, Shanghai CIQ[/mk_fancy_title][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1559941849670{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]With respect to recent concerns by enterprises of cross-border ecommerce about border entry of meat and aquatic products by bonded ecommerce, to support pilot projects of cross-border ecommerce (CBEC) in Shanghai, below is the announcement of the requirements for quarantine and inspection on the border entry of meat and aquatic products.

1.  Filing of importer and offshore exportersImporters and offshore exporters shall complete the work for filing on record, in accordance with AQSIQ Announcement No. 55-2012 on Administrative Provisions on Filing of Importers and Exporters of Import Foods, and Administrative Provisions on Recording of Import and Marketing of Import Foods, and AQSIQ Announcement No. 98-2015 on Launch of Updated System for Filing of Importers and Exporters. The above information of filing procedure will be available on the Shanghai CIQ website (

2. Scope of meat and aquatic products for bonded cross-border ecommerce CBECThe products shall be in accordance with the CBEC list announced by 11 ministries and commissions of the Chinese government.

  • The product categories and exporting countries and regions shall be in accordance with the AQSIQ food lists for countries and regions that have met assessment requirements (AQSIQ webpage:
  • Offshore production establishments are required to register in China (AQSIQ webpage:

3. Inspection and quarantine requirements

  • Meat (uncooked) and some aquatic products are required to handle the quarantine approval procedure in accordance with China’s relevant laws and regulations prior to their entry into China’s border. Please see the Annex for the details about the list of meat and aquatic products required for quarantine approval procedure. The information of the quarantine approval procedure and requirements is available on the Shanghai CIQ website (
  • When meat and aquatic products enter the border, the health certificates (quarantine certificates) and other certificates of conformity (when necessary) and country of origin mutually recognized between China and exporting countries or regions shall be provided.
  • Upon product entry into border, inspection and quarantine authorities shall conduct preliminary inspection and quarantine of bonded CBEC meat and aquatic products, so that enterprises may submit their application for entry clearance in goods batches to expedite the clearance process, on the condition that product quality and safety are ensured.
  • After product entry into border, meat and aquatic products shall be stored in the stores of storage enterprises which have been filed on record. The information of filing list of storage enterprises and filing procedure is available on the Shanghai CIQ webpage (

4. Inspection and quarantine facilitation measures

  • Ecommerce enterprises and ecommerce platforms are encouraged to conduct self-examination. Shanghai CIQ will determine which enterprises to be good suppliers according to assessment results, to ensure food safety. Shanghai CIQ will give clearance convenience and support to the organizations that have effectively ensured food safety.
  • Support will be given to upgrading of cross-border ecommerce industry, to the simple processing handled in bonded areas of Shanghai Free Trade Zones, such as sorting, skin removal, shell removal, drying, shredding, cleaning, cutting, freezing, grading, packaging etc.

5. Other items

  • Meat and aquatic products are perishable with comparatively short shelf life. Ecommerce enterprises shall establish their accounts with details of border entry/sale, to record information about date of border entry, date of production, shelf life, sale and wastage. Ecommerce enterprises or ecommerce platforms are encouraged to use information technology to strengthen traceability.
  • Where there are new governmental sectoral administrative regulations, the latest regulations shall be abided by.
  • The contact phone number of Shanghai CIQ: 021-38620967

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1559942001965{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Annex
List of meat and aquatic products required for quarantine approval:
For report with Annex click here:


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