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China Approved List Update: October 2019


China Approved Species List Update 

October 2019

The China Approved Species List prioritisation workshop was held in Melbourne on the 25th of September 2019.  At that meeting the participants considered the submissions from industry and established a priority order for submission of new species for addition to the China Approved List for Import from Australia.  

Four priority groups were established as follows:

Priority Group 1

The first priority is to re-submit the request for the approval of species with documented history of trade with mainland China prior to 2012.  The Department of Agriculture forwarded the submission to China earlier this week (21 October 2019).  The species requested are listed in the table below.  


Priority Group 2

The second group of species have started preparing the risk dossier that will be required to accompany a request for a new species (species without a documented history of trade with mainland China prior to 2012) to be added to the list.  The draft risk dossiers for two species have been submitted to the Department of Agriculture for review, while a third dossier is currently being prepared.  The Department has undertaken to provide feedback on these dossiers by the end of November 2019.  The Department and the STAG will work with the industry sectors to address any gaps identified through the review.  The aim is to submit these new species requests in the first quarter of 2020, following Chinese New Year.

Priority Group 3

It is strongly recommended that the third group of species start to put together their risk dossiers.  Again, the STAG will provide advice and support where possible.  The Priority 3 group can expect to have their request submitted as soon as practicable after confirmation of acceptance of the initial risk dossiers. Once we know that the authorities have accepted the risk dossiers and have not responded with further requests for changes to the structure or type of information presented, the Department can submit requests for these additional species.  

Priority Group 4

The fourth group, and any other species that need to be added, can expect to be able to make submissions towards the end of 2020 or early 2021.  This group will benefit from learning how previous submissions fared (what worked and what didn’t). It is hoped that the process for adding new species will be shorter and more succinct by then.

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A new page is being added to to house all the information that we have about the China Approved Species List, as well as important resources and links to assist the preparation of the risk dossier.  

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This STAG support service has been funded by the Department of Agriculture so Australian seafood exporters can get their product species on to the approved China List.

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