China: Nutritional value of rock lobster

Chinese consumers are keenly attuned to the nutritional and medicinal benefits of a diet rich in seafood. In considering a China marketing approach for Australian rock lobster, exporters should be aware of how the Chinese see this product in terms of nutrition and health.

USA restricts NZ seafood imports over dolphin concerns

A US court has placed a restriction on imports of certain New Zealand fisheries products over environmental concerns. According to Radio New Zealand, “The injunction handed down by the United States Court of International Trade applies to nine species from the West Coast North Island inshore trawl and set net fisheries, including snapper, tarakihi and spotted dogfish.” 

India: WA lobster exports to begin

ABC News reports West Australian lobster exports to India will commence soon. The article says exports will benefit from the soon-to-be-implemented India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement. Read more on the ABC website here.

Global seafood outlook amid economic headwinds

The Norwegian Seafood council has warned of challenging times ahead for producers and exporters of seafood commodities. Consumers in many major economies are reducing spending at the same time as prices for seafood and other proteins are continuing to rise. Read more on Fish Farmer Magazine here.

China market focus

Pre-fabricated, or processed, seafoods are China’s fastest growing seafood category and a hot topic at the 2022 China Aquatic Products Conference in Xiamen last week. Convenience, consistency, and safety are key attributes for consumers. Read more here (Chinese).